What is Montessori?


Milton Keynes Montessori is committed to provide a joyful and secure environment for our children.

 We respect each child as an individual with his or her own unique path for development, whilst being gently guided by empathetic and trained guides to achieve their full potential.

 We are privileged to help children as they actively create their personality, providing them with resources in an environment which fosters their independence, confidence and self-esteem. Through our grace and courtesy lessons and the values of respect we model towards each other we act as role models to our children – encouraging peace, kindness and mutual respect.

 Milton Keynes Montessori fosters a “can do” enthusiasm in our children, encouraging children to joyfully give things a try as they explore the different areas of our vibrant curriculum.

Our environment is busy yet peaceful as we strive to provide for each child, activities which are satisfying educational and fun!

Practical Life 

Children are really drawn to the Practical Life Area of the classroom. They explore many skills and strengthen their fine motor skills as they pour, thread, spoon and polish. At the same time, they develop perseverance, self esteem and independence as they take care of their environment and their growing needs.


From the time they are born children are learning through their senses. Children explore and develop their understanding of sizes, colours, sounds and shapes. Children learn to classify, categorise and make good judgements.

Cultural Studies

Children learn about animals, plants, and different parts of the world through the cultural curriculum. Children learn that they are part of a great big world and they explore their experiences and see the similarities and differences between themselves and others.


Children’s understanding of numbers come from experiences with real objects that they can match, count, compare and manipulate. The maths materials are beautiful and make understanding maths a real joy! Maths does not only happen through the materials; however, it is a part of everyday life and is woven into everyday conversations and activities.


Language is such a powerful means of communication and we feel passionate in empowering children to explore language in a variety of contexts. The children explore language through stories, songs and high-quality vocabulary being modelled to them. Children are introduced to reading through a well-ordered curriculum in small manageable steps.

Art and Craft

Art is about the process for children. They are often not interested in the result and are happy to experience creating. Our art curriculum gives children the skills that they need to be able to express their ideas in a variety of forms.

“My son often talks about you and wants his younger sister to attend your school

“This is probably the best advertisement-if the older

brother recommends the school for his little sister!”

Absolutely the right environment for my middle son”